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MASC, Inc. is an independent contractor Specialist Supply Chain Process Management company...

We contract with Fortune 500 companies to perform Product Research, handle Contract Management Experiences, Project Operations, Sales Marketing, Merchandising Management, and Logistic Database Reporting representing all facets of retail / pharmacy  merchandising...

Combined Experience


MASC ensures your company specifications are executed accurately, ensuring bottomline revenue results for precise merchandise forecasting...


MASC Specialties:

Supply Chain Management 

Consulting Services,

Product Resets

Compliance Checks

Data Collection

Audits (Retail / Pharmacy)

Procurement of Medical Supplies

Retail Merchandising &

Retail Manufacturing

IT Services

Label Processing

Special Product Research to Acquisition...

Service and Reliability


We perform advanced logistic data management consulting services through Supply Chain Management matrices, Business Performance Management (BPM), Project Management providing ERP (SAP & Oracle), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) (SAP, Hyperion and Cognos), Business Intelligence (BI) (SAP Net weaver, SAP BPC, Congos, Hyperion, Microstrategy, SAS, and Data Stage) for products, custom labels, tobacco, food, medical supplies, head mops, Bingo supplies, and much more...


Extraditing products 

from point of origin to point 

of consumption...




 The intensity of corporate underbidding for positioning supply merchandising teams has necessitated knowledgeable and experienced personnel capable of executing plan-o-grams, resets, 

end caps, bulk display and 

cutting-in of new product for the consumer market...

MASC contracts vetted 

management merchandising teams...




Audits, knowledge of clients' products, POG maintenance, product or shelf tag scanning, POP placement, inventory counts and product ordering, store resets, visual merchandising, and reporting...


Oversee daily workflow data entry efficiency for new orders, refills, stats; perform ongoing Quality Assurance regarding admit / readmit / weekly audits 



  MASC utilizes SAP Processes and Functionality relating to POS, integration, retail pricing, store order processing, store front processing, revenue recognition, third party sales order processing, deal management and rewards management

Contract History

Home Depot  |  Interstate Brands/Wonder Bread  | Lowe's  |  Cinergy Energy |  Indiana Housing Authority  |  Meijer  |  Indiana Airport Authority  |  Kraft Foods  |  Midtown Writers Bingo  |  Lorillard  Tobacco   |  Indiana Housing Referral Service   |  Target   

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MASC, Inc.

PO Box 223, Indianapolis, Indiana 46206


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